High mountains are touching the height of the sky

High mountains that cover the sky covered

High Mountains Are Touching The Height Of The Sky

Hello this is Thrill Awaits , Welcome to the chapter on the story behind this photo. However, I am not a professional photographer, who is particularly capable of giving opinions on detailing. Whatever I want to share with all of you in this chapter is just my experience. If a professional photographer wants to say something about his talk or this picture, then you are wholeheartedly welcome.

High mountains are touching the height of the sky
High mountains are touching the height of the sky

As I said, I am not a professional photographer; I love photography so I click the picture that I like. Editing a picture means editing here. In post processing, I just play with color more than doing excessive editing, I try my best to make nature natural in my photos. Like i took this picture “High Mountains are touching the height of the sky” I will cover here today about this picture, its experience and what place is this picture from?

So that if you like such a landscape or nature, then you can go and get a good picture from it. Nature belongs to all of us and it becomes the duty of all of us to maintain its beauty and I want to show the beauty of Uttarakhand through all my photography.

Content details covered in this chapter are given below:
  • Place where the picture is taken
  • Season & Timing
  • Camera Gear
  • Camera setting
  • Post Processing
Place where the picture is taken

The place from where these pictures are taken is of Rishikesh city of Uttarakhand state in India. Where many people will be familiar, this city is known for yoga. Many visitors come here, besides being a tourist place; it is famous for adventure sports. You will read in my blog, I have explained about Rishikesh in detail, in which I have explained about the places to visit in Rishikesh.


Here is my blog you can read and know about that city more:




In this Paragraph, Let me tell you about the location of this picture, which is clicked from Lakshman Julla. And it would be better if you cross Laxman jhula and get down and there are sand beaches near the river, from there better and stable shots will come.

If you want, you will be able to click on a good picture by putting your stand, tripod there. Public keeps coming on the bridge, due to which the chances of shake in the picture increase. My image is hand held; I have not used any stand or tripod of any kind.

Season & Timing

By the way, Uttarakhand is so beautiful and lovely that you can roam in any season and you will attract the beauty of mountains. But when we talk about this picture, the best weather I think is after the rain or during the rain, and if you want to capture the movement of the cloud, you will be able to see their speed before it rains. After the rains, the weather remains open and the sky is very clear, at this time you will be able to show its beauty in your picture.

I took this picture in the month of August, when the rainiest season is because it is the monsoon season. It was around 11 to 12 in the morning when the cloud covered the mountains during the rains. Seeing this amazing picture in the picture, it looks very beautiful with its bare eyes.

Camera Gear

For this picture I have used a6300 which is a camera of Sony Company. The lenses I’ve used with the Sony a6300 are 16-50mm.
This kit was the lens that I got with the camera itself and this lens proved to be an amazing artisan for me. Its performance is amazing because this is my first manual camera, and after using it, I thought that the camera speed and the camera are amazing.

Before this, all the cameras I had used so far were all point and shoot cameras, which did not have many settings, in which your control was very useful and the camera control was very high. After purchasing this camera, a lot has been learned about the actual camera settings. It feels good when you are learning something new and then apply it and the result is far more than your expectations.

Camera Setting

I always shoot my pictures in RAW, which maintains its quality and sharpness. The camera mode is always on my manual, I have taken the full control in my hand since I took the camera. And when you are taking such a shot when you know that that moment has passed once, then it will not come again, then you have to be ready for it. And I never want to miss a moment; I always change from single shot to continuous shot.

And when you have a manual control, you will have the opportunity to know your camera closely to the environment around the environment you like to photograph. Then the picture that comes out of the synergy of both your thinking and your choice will be your real picture. You will be happy and your thinking and choice are right. You will see the mistakes in your own picture, which you have learned to improve yourself, I have learned this and even today I keep learning and making mistakes and then improving.

 High Mountains are touching the height of the sky Setting is :

ISO 100     f/13     1/60sec    [email protected]

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Post Processing

When you will learn to play with the camera and take a picture of your subject and pay attention to those mistakes, then you will not need much post processing. I try not to go into post-processing to shoot that photo of photography so much better by setting it with the camera or by increasing your skills.

Initially I did not use post processing at all because I wanted to learn not to make that picture by doing any kind of editing. We do not have to do much work in the post process, as much as the picture natural shows our nature. That is why in the name of post processing, Sir teases a lot of color, otherwise I try to keep the picture natural.

Thank you and commented to all of you for reading the story behind this picture, how this chapter felt to all of you. Please allow it to be displayed next time with stories of similar pictures

Bye Bye ….

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