This place is located in Garhwal district of Lansdowne, Uttarakhand. The atmosphere here is very favorable for everyone. This place is well known for the military / army area. It is a hill station that looks very beautiful due to its height. This place is famous for the Garhwal Rifles in Uttarakhand state. In this article, we will tell you about the Top 2 places in Lansdowne, Uttarakhand let’s go ahead.


Lansdowne This is a very beautiful hill station, which is 106 kilometers away from Haridwar and 50 kilometers from Kotdwar. There is a city between Haridwar and Lansdowne, whose name is Kotdwar, it is also a very good place.

Places between Haridwar to Lansdowne

Haridwar, Shyaampur , Najibabad, Kotdwara, Dugadda, Fatehpur, Lansdowne.

Top 2 Places
  • Tip N Top
  • Bhulla lake
Tip N Top

Upon arrival at Lansdowne, this place is located by crossing the army area 1.5 kilometers further. Army canteens and other army grounds, a school and church are all the places between  to reach the tip n top. Tip n Top Place This is a place that can be called view point. The place is made in a corner on the mountain from which the mountain is visible in front of the eyes and it looks very beautiful to see the hills covered with valley and snow.

Tip n Top Lansdowne Uttarakhand
Tip n Top Lansdowne Uttarakhand

Upon arrival in Lansdowne, you have to take a ticket, which is usually 10 rupees for two wheelers. On going ahead, there is an army field, which is very clean. Video shooting inside Army area is not entirely complete, for which army personnel are deployed, they also think about security reasons. The next market is where the hotel and food items will be available. Then the path that has gone in 2 directions, which is tip n top and  the other Bhulla lake.

Tip n Top Lansdowne Uttarakhand
Tip n Top Lansdowne Uttarakhand

Tip tops, churches and schools will also be found on the streets, which are very good to see. If you go ahead, you will find a big parking lot of tip n top. There was no crowd before, but now that place has become very famous, due to which the parking fee has also been made. The tip is very impressive to see the view of Top, just in front of the eyes, the beauty of the valley and the big mountain. There are forests and canyons of snow-covered mountains and four mountains, where the photographer will be strongly interested in photography.

Bhulla Lake

As you have read in the top tip of the top part, there is a way out in 2 directions. Now talk about Bhulla Lake, about 1.8 kilometers away from Lansdowne city, this Bhulla Lake is located on the other side, from Tip N Top. This is a very beautiful lake, which is a great place for a picnic. The entrance fee is around 20 rupees, which is to go inside. Inside you will find a very good rabbit’s cage, where many rabbits live, who are so dear to watch, as well as for the picnic, the gardens have also been made.

Bhulla lake,Lansdowne Uttarakhand
Bhulla lake,Lansdowne Uttarakhand

And to ride in this blessed lake, boat ride is also available, which has separate charges. Very beautiful cinematic scene or photography will get a very beautiful view in this lake. During the boat ride in this lake, you will find very beautiful swans or bagula in the lake, which will double you the pleasure of riding in Bhula Lake. If you are coming into the picnic to roam the family, then this place will prove to be very good for you.

Bhulla lake,Lansdowne Uttarakhand
Bhulla lake,Lansdowne Uttarakhand

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